A Sanctuary for Generations


How do we preserve this holy place of worship?

Weather and time have taken a toll on this historical structure. The large, faceted glass window of the Sorrowful Mother is deteriorating. The epoxy between the individual pieces of colored glass is shrinking, and many of the pieces are very loose, making them potentially dangerous. The steelwork requires repair, and the window must be completely replaced.

In addition, the outdoor chapel has four old-style box confessionals that have not been used in recent years and they are not handicap accessible. These will be removed and replaced with two larger reconciliation rooms that meet handicap-accessible guidelines and are temperature-controlled.

The improvements to the outdoor chapel will also include a much-needed roof on the sacristy, repair of the fascia boards, new gutters, and fresh paint.

Additionally, a new handicap ramp will be constructed outside the original chapel. The current ramp was built before ADA requirements. It is more economical to undertake this project while the contractors are on site working on the outdoor chapel.

How can you help?

The cost to complete this major renovation is $850,000. As we embark on this transformative project, we invite you to become an integral part of this preservation. Your support in prayer and resources will help ensure that this sacred space remains a cornerstone of the shrine. As we launch this campaign, let us remember that this is not just a renovation of a building but a testament to the enduring power of faith and community.

The outdoor chapel has been a beacon of faith, solace, and a home for spiritual growth. Many have experienced moments of joy, comfort, and fellowship. It is our spiritual obligation to ensure that this sacred space remains vibrant for generations.

Thank you for your consideration as we embark on this inspiring preservation of faith.

The Sorrowful Mother Shrine receives no subsidies and is self-funded by the many generous pilgrims and visitors who support the Shrine.

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