Donate to the Sorrowful Mother Shrine

We welcome donations of any amount and are grateful to our donors for their generosity.

Ways to Donate

(Minimum donation $10.00)

Memorial Masses

$10.00 per Mass – call the Shrine Office to arrange dates

419-483-3435 ext. 103

Memorial Walk
12″ X 12″ Granite Brick (Up to 5 lines)$1,000.00
6″ X 6″ White Bronze Brick (Up to 4 lines)$500.00
Memorial Walk Donor Board Inserts (Up to 3 lines)$150.00
Outdoor Chapel, Grottoes and Garden
5-1/2″ X 13″ Red Bronze Plaque (Up to 4 lines)$1,000.00
3-3/4″ X 9-1/4 ” Red Bronze Plaque (Up to 3 lines)$500.00
Memorial Board Inserts$150.00
Choice of Grottos:
Outdoor Pieta ChapelOur Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of CzestochowaOur Lady of Fatima
CrucifixionAssumption of the Blessed Mother
Our Lady of GuadalupeSt. Faustina Secretary of Divine Mercy
Holy FamilyHoly Sepulcher
Garden Option:
St. Theresa, the Little Flower
Stations of the Cross
3-3/4″ X 9′ Red Bronze Plaque (1-14)

5-1/2″ X 13″ Red Bronze Plaque(1-14)

Votive Lights
One Week Votive Light (continuous)$5.00
One Month Votive Light (continuous)$20.00
Six Months Votive Light (continuous)$75.00
One Year Votive Light (continuous)$120.00

Last Will and Testament
Our apostolate depends solely upon free-will offerings. Please consider including the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in your Last Will and Testament. “We take with us only what we give to God” (Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

Donate Online

The intent of your donation is important to us. Please download and indicate on the printable form below the purpose of your gift.

Thank you!

Donate by Mail